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Types of Investment options in India

03 August, 2019

Grey haired or not, there’s never a bad time to start investing and especially in the current scenario when inflation is rising with a never seen pace, you need to keep a good track of investment opportunities around you. Well, to your rescue we are here with some good investment options that are available in India.

Two very simple and vastly practiced ways of investing money are:

Investment options in India

Where your money attracts money- Eh, what? Yes, you heard it right. You always have an option to lend money to someone or some organization for some fixed amount of time at a pre decided interest rate so that when your money will be back to you, it won’t be the same, you will also be receiving the interest on that money.

Buy something that could do wonders- Yes, sounds magical, but industry of real-estate and few commodities are actually known to do wonders. You never know, your investment may touch the sky overnight. For this, you need to follow trend of a particular industry and cash in when it looks like it will be the best time for investment.

There are then very specific investment options which have been proved very effective among masses like:

Fixed Deposits: There stands no chance that you haven’t heard of FD’s yet. FD’s are the best thing for both short term and long term investment. Our parents have trusted all their life in FD’s and there is a reason to it. FD’s are safe investment as they are made to the banks and bank will be liable to pay our dues so this has stood out as a safe investment.

IPO (Initial Public Offering): This can actually be a game changer if you what you are looking for? If you are a stock exchange guru or have the potential to work wonders at stock exchange then you can turn your money into piles of money and more. A good understanding of the market conditions and the potentials of the upcoming companies can actually make your investment rich.

Gold: It’s not just about the lustre, it’s the value beneath. Well with this increasing inflation at the international market every day, even the prices of gold is touching the sky and those who have invested in gold long before are living a lavish life today. Investment in gold needs time and patience, also you need to know the market conditions of both domestic and international market. Price of gold keeps on fluctuating and one can easily make money if he knows the right time to invest in.

Bonds: If you are hesitant about entering the Share market then please face this side. Bonds are safe investments and in fact some bonds are controlled and regulated by govt. so that makes it all the more attractive and a safe investment. Investment in bond is usually done for long period of time like 10 to 20 years but they fetch very good rate of return, as high as 7-8% on your investment.

Mutual Funds: Confused between Bonds and Shares, we know just your kind and have something for you. Mutual funds are for those who are willing to take a calculated risk, somewhere mutual funds are a good mix of both risk and safety. Mutual fund is a balance of risk and return. Mutual fund is a well managed scheme where their team of professional make a basket of different instruments like shares, bonds, debentures and that basket of diverse instruments brings the highest returns.

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