How to Start Investing in Shares?

How to Start Investing in Shares

How to Start Investing in Shares?

With everything getting easily accessible digitally, we are into this new age, where we do not need to go out to the company and ask for their prospectus and shares price and their financial statements. Every information is available online and you just need to login with your keys to find the best shares and best brokers online. A new entrant with high curiosity in the market can take some lessons online and open his Demat account and play and understand the market with a little investment but if you are here to make some serious investment then finding a good broker will be the first step. Now below are some points to keep in mind while entering in this market and investing in in your first share.

The volume and the place: First and foremost you need to decide what volume you want to cash in. The volume of money you need to invest plays a major role as huge investment will require higher degree of market understanding. The beginners who have nothing to lose but gain a lot of knowledge from the stock exchange shall invest in bits and pieces and try experimenting with different profiles of stocks and shares.

Best stock exchange to invest in: After you have decided your bet money, now you need to come up with a name. NAME? WHAT? Yes you need to come up with a name of Stock Exchange where you wish to invest in. There are various Stock Exchange in India and the major being BSE and NSE. If you are looking to invest in short term and intraday shares then you can take up NSE as your platform and if you are looking long terms or more diverse stocks then you shall go for the BSE.

Full service broker or online trading platform: A full service broker will guide you through the pathway and will literate you about stocks and shares, he will also be maintaining your portfolio and advice you on your investment decisions and in return he will be asking for his fees and on the other hand Online trading platform will give you access of your account and there will be no direct contact with the experts as you will be handling your account on your own. Full service broker is better if you are a total beginner and you want to learn the stock exchange and if you want to learn all the how’s and what’s by your own then you shall go for an Online trading platform.

Choosing your first share: You need to align your short term and long term goals with your investment strategy to invest in your very first share. Your first investment is very crucial as if you do not play this move wisely then you might get disinterested in the very beginning and will quit. First investment will play a key role in deciding your future growth in this market. Try investing in shares with high reputation in market as this reduce your chances of failure to some extent.

Invest only your surplus: Stock Exchange is a volatile market and is highly fluctuating every minute. So chip in only if you have surplus lying in your bank balance. There’s no 100% surety as to your investment in the share market, it may drown in a minute or may transform rags to riches in few months.

Be active: Well, we are living in a Global Village and so we need to be abreast to the latest trends and changes. Any major or even minor but relevant event has an impact on our financial market and we need to be in touch with them. We also need to have very realistic expectations from our dealings in market.

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